Special events currently scheduled at the Arts Club:



7th – ‘Aborescent’ – A graphic score performed by musicians, visual artists and architects… Part of a series of infrequent projects inspired by the work of highly influential architect and composer, Iannis Xenakis. Tickets available here

14th – ‘Never Very Valentines’ – A Supperclub brought to you by The Grazer… Booking information available here


10th – Snug Sew ‘Sew Your Own Home’ – A day of workshops from the Snug Sew girls, learn how to make and print your own curtains and cushions. All with tea coffee and cake… To book email



17th – 18 – ‘Bar-Cade’ (for The Late Shows)


31st May – 2nd June – ‘Snug’ Pop up Sewing Cafe

12th – Unit 44 presents ‘Into The Dark’ inside the Victoria Tunnel (Reception at the Arts Club)


6th July – The Grazer’s Summer Supperclub

7th July – The Ouseburn Festival Feast on Ouse Street (OCC and bar at the Arts Club)


28th – Private Supperclub


10th – 20th October – ‘Ouse Street General Stores’ – as part of Northern Design Festival 9am – 5pm Closed Sundays

25 – 26th October  – Taking Interest – a photographic exhibition discovering the creative insight of young minds on the Autistic Spectrum


3rd – 4th November – Snug Pop up Sewing Cafe

20th November – ‘To make the stone stoney’ discussion – space; place; scale; negotiation; private; public; permission; protest; ownership; governance; structure; substance; signs; symbols;

23rd – 24th November – Ouseburn Open Studios

27th November – ‘To make the stone stoney’ discussion – performer; spectator; absence; non-participation; aesthetics; ethics; discomfort; the act of seeing; the experience of being seen;


4th December – ‘To make the stone stoney’ discussion – improvisation; instruction; spectacle; collectivity; synchronicity; thought; posture; action; gesture; rhythm; labour; move; be moved;

11th December – ‘To make the stone stoney’ discussion – head; shoulders; knees & toes; length; depth; breadth; height;


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